At Reimels Miller Paterra Dentistry, our patients’ health is our number one concern and maintaining good oral health for everyone we see is our top priority. In order to provide the best care, our doctors have completed at least 8 years of schooling to be able to properly prevent, diagnose and treat all of your oral health problems. Unfortunately, your dental benefits have nothing to do with your individual needs and oral health history, and oftentimes dental insurance only covers half of the procedures that are necessary for many of our patients to stay healthy. Fortunately, some of these instances can be covered by your medical insurance!

In general, medical insurance coverage is much more generous than dental insurance coverage. This is in large part due to medical’s focus on injury and illness that has already been determined as present. We find that many patients go without care because they do not want to end up with a big bill, but if the dental procedure you need can be contributed to a larger underlying health issue, we can help save you money while getting you the treatment you need!

It can be difficult to prove that a dental service is “medically necessary,” but we will always give our best effort to get our patients the coverage they need for every appointment. Below is a list of procedures we provide that are most frequently accepted by medical insurance policies:

  • Dental repairs needed due to injuries and emergency trauma procedures
  • Treatment required due to inflammation or infection
  • Oral health issues due to a birth defect
  • Extraction of multiple teeth at one time, and in some cases wisdom teeth extractions
  • Some periodontal surgeries
  • Procedures that correct dysfunctions within your mouth
  • Appliances that help to treat sleep apnea and TMJ Syndrome (temporomandibular joint problems)

Next time you are in need of dental treatment that falls outside of your regular cleaning and exams, be sure to check your medical coverage! We are happy to help file your claim, too. Just talk with a member of our front desk team or call us at 704-948-1111 if you have any further questions!