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Dental Veneers

Are you ready to regain confidence in your smile? Let our team at Reimels Family & Cosmetic Dentistry help you achieve that dream smile you’ve been longing for through dental veneers!

Veneers are a great option for patients who are looking to permanently whiten their teeth or correct imperfections and alignment issues. Veneers create a durable and confidence-boosting smile!

Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Veneers?

To determine if you are a good candidate for dental veneers, one of our doctors will complete an initial consultation for you. We will be looking to make sure you have sufficient tooth enamel, and that it is strong enough to be used as a bonding surface. We will also be making sure there are no teeth grinding or cleaning issues, and that you regularly maintain good oral hygiene!.

If you have the following issues in your smile zone, or the teeth that show when you smile:

What To Expect During Your Dental Veneers Treatment:


Step One - Preparation

Now that your initial consultation is complete, and it is determined that you are a good candidate, we will begin the preparation for your procedure. We will begin trimming down a small amount of your tooth enamel. Then, an impression or mold of your teeth will be made and sent to our lab to create your custom dental veneers. This preparation can take up to two weeks.


Step Two - Placement

Once your veneers are ready to be placed, we will have you come back in for an appointment to ensure the fit and color of your veneers is exactly how you want it. Each tooth is then prepared for placement with a thorough cleaning, and the tooth surface is made rough to improve the adhesion of the veneer. Then the veneer is attached to the tooth with a special cement, and an Ultraviolet light is used to harden it quickly and securely.


Step Three - Preservation

Now that your veneers have been placed, it’s important to take proper care of them! We will schedule a follow-up appointment a few weeks after your procedure to be sure your veneers are holding up properly now that you’ve been able to get back into your regular eating and cleaning routine. You should continue brushing and flossing your teeth as you normally would. Proper oral hygiene will help your veneers last!

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