It is not uncommon that we receive feedback from patients wishing their dental expenses were lower. We understand that dealing with different insurance policies, varying fees and changes in coverage can be frustrating. It can also be confusing to determine whether you should use dental or medical insurance to cover the different dental services we may recommend for you. Our team at Reimels Miller & Paterra Dentistry is here to help make everything clear, and to ensure that you receive the oral health treatments you need above everything else.

Our top priority is to ensure that every single one of our patients is able to get the comprehensive dental care they need, when they need it. For those patients looking for an alternative to dental insurance, we have options for you! At Reimels Miller & Paterra we offer an in-house dental membership plan to make getting the care you need more accessible and affordable. This membership program offers varying levels in care depending on your age and individual oral health history. Adult plans start as low as just $25 per month, which can save you up to 60% on your annual dental expenses. Plus, these plans cover the same preventive care services as your typical dental insurance policy would!

Saving money is just one of the many benefits of switching to an in-house dental membership plan through our practice. Registration and sign-up only takes 5 minutes and once you sign up, you’re in! You will not experience any kind of waiting period like you do with typical insurance policies, and you will not have to deal with pre-existing clauses or yearly maximums either.

Are you interested in having the option to maintain your healthy smile without breaking the bank? Call our front desk today at 704-948-1111 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you in joining our in-house dental membership plan. You can also learn more about the different options offered through our membership program HERE.