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Dental Membership Plan

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An Uncomplicated, Insurance-free Method to Get the Comprehensive Dental Care you Need, When yoou Need it!

At Reimels, Miller, Paterra Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors has the ability to affordably stay on top of their comprehensive dental care. We understand that medical bills and financial planning can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. That is why we offer an in-house dental membership plan that allows patients to keep their smiles healthy without breaking the bank!

Save up to 60% with Our Plan

With our membership plan, you can take charge of your dental care. You will know exactly what is covered under your annual fee, and every plan includes the preventive care you need for the year. Plus, if you have additional needs, like periodontal issues, you can choose from multiple plans depending on which is best for your individual health.

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Become a Member in 5 Minutes

Signing up for our dental membership plan is quick and painless. It will only take you 5 minutes to complete your member registration, and once you finish this process, you can schedule your next appointment and begin benefitting from your plan immediately! There will be no more waiting around for verification or approval.

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This includes elective dental services, too!

Without a strict policy, there is no fine print that will prevent you from getting the treatment you need to maintain good oral health. Plus, you will receive additional discounts on services we offer that do not fall under the preventive care outlined in your annual membership plan. This includes elective dental services, too!

You can continue to be treated by the same dentist and hygienists you have always seen throughout your visits with us, all while avoiding the headaches that come with dental insurance! Call our front desk today at 704-948-1111 if you have any further questions about membership or registration!

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