One of the major concerns of pregnant women is whether an x-ray is safe for the baby. Dental x-rays are important, even for pregnant women, especially if there are dental concerns. For example, you may need dental x-rays to check out an impacted wisdom tooth or to see if there are any immediate dental emergencies that need your dentist’s attention.

There is a question about whether or not it is safe to have x-rays while pregnant. This is a completely valid concern. According to both the American Dental Association and American Pregnancy Association, the amount of radiation that one can expect from a dental x-ray is so low that there is minimal risk to having an x-ray while pregnant.

Aside from the minimal risk with the radiation, there are also other ways that pregnant women are protected. You would be covered with a heavy apron that is large enough to protect you and your unborn child from the radiation of the x-ray. The apron may feel a bit heavy to wear but that is the extend of any discomfort you will feel. This is an extra layer of protection that you can expect when it comes to taking a dental x-ray.

The dental x-ray apron is long, so it is able to cover the area where your baby sits. This apron is designed to minimize your exposure to the radiation from the x-ray. It is also very safe to use at all stages of your pregnancy.

The Best Choices for You and Your Baby

Despite the amount of radiation you would be exposed to, being very low, it is ultimately your decision whether or not you are willing to get an x-ray during your pregnancy. The risks of having a dental emergency can be larger than the risk of minimal radiation exposure. For example, you don’t want to be faced with a dental emergency when you are in labor or giving birth to a new baby. The minimal level of radiation that dental x-rays give out are safe for all levels of pregnancy, but can be a hassle to deal with when you have a new baby on your hands.

Regardless of the decision that you make while pregnant, it is worth to have the conversation with your dentist about your oral health, even when you are pregnant.

Here are Reimels Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we take your oral hygiene and health very seriously. If there are any issues that you have with your oral health, during your pregnancy, it is worth coming in to get it looked at.

If there are fears or concerns about using the x-ray while you are pregnant, please rest assured that you are in safe hands. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about dental x-rays or other concerns that you may have while you are pregnant. Please be sure to keep coming to your routine check-ups and work with your dentist on a healthy oral hygiene routine and follow-up care even throughout your pregnancy.