Many patients across the globe suffer from TMJ pain. This strong, throbbing pain can be felt in the jaw, the cheeks and even the ears. Some TMJ patients even experience pain in their teeth. While TMJ is certainly a cause for concern, many patients rush to their primary physicians when they experience pain. Instead of this, however, it is important that patients seek out a professional dentist for TMJ dental consultations. Our Huntersville dentists are thoroughly trained in TMJ and are able to offer personalized consults for patients who suffer from TMJ.

A trained dentist is a good starting point for TMJ pain especially if you have not yet been diagnosed with TMJ. Our dentists can offer TMJ dental consultations for patients of all ages and pain levels. While many doctors are family practice physicians, they may not have the training necessary to properly diagnose or treat TMJ. Many doctors prescribe pain medication for TMJ instead of addressing the root of the problem. While pain medication is helpful in the short term, it does nothing to help the root cause of TMJ.

A dentist can perform x-rays to verify the onset of TMJ and to determine if the cause is bite-related. Sometimes if a patient’s bite is off, their TMJ may become worse. This can be corrected through braces or other devices. Another option for TMJ-sufferers is to wear a night guard. A night guard is a thick piece of plastic specially shaped to the patient’s teeth. It prevents the patient from grinding their teeth at night during their sleep. Many patients clench or grind their teeth which results in further TMJ pain.