Do you bite your nails without even thinking about it? Whether it be due to anxiety, boredom, or another factor, nail-biting is a common habit that many people resort to automatically. An avid nail biter is most likely aware of the negative effects this repetitive behavior has on the physical appearance and health of his/her nails. While these are valid concerns, nail biters often fail to consider the compromise to their dental health.

The habit of biting your nails puts additional stress on your teeth because they are constantly being used at all times. It is inevitable that over time nail-biting will wear your teeth down, resulting in eroded enamel and potentially uneven biting surfaces. Another risk worth considering is the excess of germs and infections that enter your mouth each time you bite a nail.

If you are experiencing any of these risk factors we mentioned above, it could be worthwhile to schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals at Reimels Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Tips to help quit the unwanted nail-biting:

  • Cut them short: With not enough nail to bite, this eliminates some of the satisfaction since there is not enough nail to bite.
  • Coat them with a bad taste: The bitter taste will help you resist the temptation. Keep your hands occupied: Try fidgeting with a stress ball or something similar to distract your hands.
  • Regularly get manicures: The investment and freshly cared-for nails could potentially eliminate the desire for nail-biting.

We understand that nail-biting is a difficult habit to break, which is why we want to relieve you of the one thing we do have control over: your dental health. Reimels Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is committed to the overall wellbeing and dental hygiene of our patients. We will assist you in all ways possible in order to ensure that you leave our office with a more confident and healthy smile than when you walked in.

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