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Everyone wants a brighter smile, and these days there are hundreds of options available in your local pharmacy, big-box store, or even the grocery store, that all promise white teeth. These over the counter options may do the trick for your short term aesthetic goals, but professional whitening treatment is the answer for long-lasting results. Now you are faced with the question, “which professional whitening treatment is best for me?”


Phillips Zoom Whitening is the most frequently requested professional whitening brand in dental offices across the country. In fact, over 10 million Americans have chosen Zoom for their whitening needs. At Reimels Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we choose Zoom Whitening as it has proven to be one of the most powerful, professional strength whitening options available. With Zoom we are able to guarantee results while still ensuring safety, and maintaining good oral health for our patients’ teeth and gums. 

Safety is a key factor that sets Zoom Whitening apart from other professional options, and it is the top reason we choose to partner with Phillips as our in-office whitening offering. Before beginning the whitening process, your dentist or dental hygienist will place a special protective covering over your gums to help prevent sensitivity or that uncomfortable burning sensation. The hydrogen peroxide based formula is then applied so that it only sticks to your teeth. This whitening gel is also the only professional whitening solution that utilizes ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which has been clinically proven to actually improve the health and strength of your teeth by reducing sensitivity and protecting your enamel.


Not only will our Zoom professional whitening treatment help you achieve a brighter smile in just one appointment, it will improve your oral health! If you would like to schedule an appointment for your whitening consultation, call us today at 704-948-1111.

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