With millions of people left jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are seeking budget-friendly dental care. At Reimels Miller & Paterra Dentistry we believe that every patient should have the opportunity to get the comprehensive dental care they need. With our in-house membership plan, patients can be supported with the best dental care they need at a reasonable rate.

Here’s how it works. Sign up takes as little as five minutes. Once you are signed up you can use it on your service that day. The plan covers all the preventive care you need for a full year. If you are looking for an option that doesn’t deal with the hassle of insurance policies, this one’s for you. Our in-house plan takes the confusion and frustration off of the patient’s shoulders because you are in charge of your dental care. No need to worry about coverage changes or varying fees. Reimels Miller & Paterra Dentistry’s in-house membership allows you to save up to 60% on your annual dental expense.

Here’s how you’re covered. We offer three levels of memberships based on our patients’ needs. Each membership covers your biannual cleanings, routine examinations, and x-rays, plus you will receive additional discounts on other treatments. Plans start as low as just $25 per month! If you need to come in for an unexpected visit, our membership offers discounts to cover that too!

Why our patients love our in-house Membership:

  • No Pre-Approvals
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Annual Maximums or Denials of Claims
  • 5-Minute Registration
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Clauses
  • Personalized Plans For Your Dental Needs
  • No Insurance Headaches

If you recently lost dental insurance or can’t afford it in your budget this year, reduce the burden of insurance with our in-house membership. Our plans make it possible to get the dental care you need without breaking the bank. Call our front desk at (704)-948-1111 and one of our team members will happily assist you. Click HERE to sign up for our in-house dental membership online today!